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Brady LINK360®Safety Software
Advanced software made simple

The Brady LINK360 Platform

Brady LINK360 offers comprehensive features for digitizing information and business processes critical to world-class safety programs through a cloud-hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) application. The LINK360 Cloud centralizes storage of all your documents, automatically tracks audit & change history, and scales to multiple users within one or across multiple sites. A suite of mobile apps are included for managing information and documents or executing workflows on the go; no IT support required.

LINK360 Cloud Software

With just a web browser and an internet connection, Brady LINK360 customers have direct access to their procedures at any time and from any location. Whether you need to modify templates, run reports, or review and approve modified procedures, LINK360 makes those jobs easy and intuitive. Plus, all data modifications, documents, and version history is both tracked and saved so you never lose critical information necessary for potential OSHA audits.

  • Customize templates and standardize common instructions
  • Quickly create procedures using our step-by-step wizard
  • Translate your procedures into 18 supported languages
  • Instantly preview, print or download visual procedures in PDF format
  • Route procedures for approval prior to publishing
  • Review full document and audit change history if necessary

Additional Workflows for Confined Spaces

Manage the classifications of spaces, complete assessments of your equipment, and generate permits and approvals from within the website as well.

Going Mobile

Brady LINK360 Lockout/Tagout App

Managing and improving safety programs requires you to be in the field, not sitting behind a desk. LINK360’s mobile apps give you the freedom to manage your lockout procedures using any Android or iOS device. Now you can easily modify procedures, complete audits, or approve pending changes, while on the go.

  • Quickly create procedures using our step-by-step wizard
  • Easily add images from your device’s camera or photo gallery
  • Instantly preview visual procedures in PDF format
  • Share procedures via email or text
  • Route procedures for approval

Brady Smart Lockout App

The Brady Smart Lockout App makes mobile procedure verification and periodic inspections easy and seamless with procedure management. To efficiently and effectively complete your lockout verification process, the Smart Lockout app guides you through each procedure step ensuring you use the most up-to-date procedure details then captures step verifications and generates a checklist report automatically upon completion of work.

  • Access the most current procedures anytime/anywhere
  • View step-by-step details and images
  • Avoid missing steps with guided navigation
  • Pick up where you left off with progress tracking
  • Complete lockout and re-energizing activities
  • Save time by uploading system-generated reports

Label and Tag Printing

Whether you are marking energy isolation points or generating lockout tags for your lockout events, Brady LINK360 provides seamless printing direct from its cloud software to Brady benchtop printers so equipment-specific procedure details can be directly added to stock labels and tags.

  • Improve consistency between equipment-specific procedures and energy source labels with common colors, icons, and label elements
  • Quickly generate lockout tags with equipment, step, and employee details and ensure every lock is clearly identified
  • Utilize Brady’s high-performance label materials that withstand the harshest of environments
  • Reduce time and costs for standardization across your facilities


We understand the benefit of making safety procedures accessible across an organization. That can include the use of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), ERP systems and other workflow automation systems.

LINK360 procedures are easily integrated across systems using document links that uniquely relate to the most current approved version of a document. By storing links to equipment lockout procedures in your maintenance system, you can ensure workers are informed of the hazards and lockout steps required to safely complete their assigned work order tasks.

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