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Intelligent manufacturing Production flexibility
for optimal workflows

Deliver the right data to the right people at the right time to make actionable decisions ahead of time

Flexible manufacturing systems

Flexible manufacturing systems let you shift workflows effortlessly

Enhance your ability to be proactive with the variables you need to consider in your day-to-day operations. And connect your manufacturing components to meet customer demands, eliminate potential failure points and increase or adjust production system productivity without incurring excessive costs and resources.

Many companies face challenges in tracking parts across their factory or from one facility to another thus driving increased costs, labor and inaccuracies along the way. Lack of visibility to inventory, points of failure, etc. results in product shortages and missed production cycles. Through Industry 4.0 connectivity, automation, fast information exchange and analytics, a new dimension of flexibility can be reached, and new approaches to planning and controlling production systems can be designed.

The outputs of a Smart Factory on manufacturing:

  • Enhanced Productivity

    – reduce production time, enable better asset utilization, and inventory management with higher levels of automation
  • Enhanced Flexibility

    – execute the production steps for a large, or small number of products
  • Enhanced Quality

    – monitor current production in real-time and quickly intervene in case of errors via smart sensors

What production flexibility can do for you:

Move away from Excel spreadsheets and other manual processes to automated solutions to better optimize the planning and scheduling of building a product. Bolster the continuity of operations — even with skeletal crews — with automated equipment-monitoring and process systems. Reduce cycle times and higher yield, quality, energy and throughout process industries where process parameters must be constantly monitored and optimized. And maximize operating equipment and process parameters to increase overall equipment efficiency. You can accomplish all of this, and production flexibility helps you get there.

Flexibility within production requires visibility into the production floor. Our solutions provide these insights by being the data collection and integration tools that help you make better production decisions in real time.

Eliminate Human Error and Automate Processes

Eliminate Human Error and Automate Processes

  • Free up employee time to spend more time on valuable tasks
  • Paperless manufacturing helps automate inventory to minimize manual data input and maximize cost savings
  • Reduce the risk of reliance on institutional knowledge through automation
  • Eliminate fees to expedite overtime rates
  • See when items run low for efficient re-ordering
Boost Manufacturing Productivity

Boost Productivity

  • Maximize asset utilization and minimize downtime
  • Drive direct and indirect labor efficiencies
  • Manage supply network costs and synchronization
  • Ensure both schedule and plan stability and accuracy
Reduce risk

Reduce risk

  • Ensure raw materials price and availability
  • Manage warranty and recalls effectively
Handheld RFID scanner

Ensure continuity of supply

  • Lean inventory management
  • Drive order lead time, production schedules and batch lot allocation of inventory
  • Free operating cash, reduce debt to plan improvements and potential acquisitions
Man managing inventory with Brady handheld RFID scanner

Minimize costs and optimize reorders

  • Organize and scale across facilities
  • Forecast inventory
  • Manage inventory to realize economies of scale
Man generating transaction data within the end-to-end Brady manufacturing process

Track work orders in real-time

  • Rapidly generate transaction data within the end-to-end manufacturing process
  • Track the bookends of raw materials in and finished goods out
  • Record line production and create actionable data
  • Create operational intelligence not tied to people resources

Real-time data and end-to-end visibility will revolutionize your manufacturing operations

Conveyor Belt
  • Reduce cycle times
  • Increase throughput
  • Make better decisions, faster
  • Innovate quickly
  • Decrease production time
  • Better utilize labor, equipment, assets
  • Manage inventory effectively
  • Monitor production in real time
  • Quickly intervene in case of errors
  • Identify and fix issues proactively
  • Create one version of the truth
  • Reduce human error
  • Eliminate downtime/overtime
  • Forecast accurately
  • Shift easily as demand changes
  • Organize and scale across facilities
  • Continually optimize production


Analyze real-time data across your operations to make well-informed decisions in no time.

  • Connect business and process systems
  • Aggregate data from multiple sources into a single ecosystem
  • Access historical information for trends and analytics

Complete Smart Solutions

Implement world-class identification technologies with the world’s most trusted manufacturing leader.

  • Industrial Edge Computing, Barcode & Optical Scanning, Printing, and RFID hardware and software
  • High-performance labeling and custom material solutions you’ve come to trust from Brady
  • An integrated ecosystem of hardware: Easy to connect and implement.
Intelligent Manufacturing Sphere

Real-time is the real deal

Intelligent Manufacturing solutions give you the visibility and flexibility you need, so you can avoid the problems you don’t.


Read More about Intelligent Manufacturing Transformation

Person scanning a manufacturing document with an RFID scanner

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Just about everything has some sort of label affixed to it that contains important information that buyers, sellers or manufacturers need to be aware of. Most of us are familiar with barcodes and QR codes, but the technology that goes into them may come as a surprise.
Two manufacturing employees discussing a problem

IT/OT Convergence 101

Bridging the gap between physical and digital capabilities in manufacturing environments creates a significant competitive advantage. This convergence will displace companies that don’t embrace it, but many are behind. While there are challenges that must be overcome to bring the two together, the risk of not doing so is quite real—especially when competitors are making the leap.
RFID asset tracking chip

RFID asset tracking: what it is and how it works

Better decision-making starts with quality, data-driven insights. And a great way to see the big picture is with radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology. With it, businesses can monitor an asset’s location and gain control over important revenue-generating processes. Efficient and cost-effective, RFID technology has become the go-to tracking system for industries worldwide.

Build your smart factory today with Brady

Let’s have a conversation to discuss what a flexible manufacturing environment can do for you.


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