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Lab Research and Life Science

Error Reduction Through Lab Identification and Specimen Tracking


When it comes to reducing errors in your lab to improve productivity and efficiency, you need durable labels and an inventory management system you can trust. That’s where we can help. Brady is your reliable partner with full solutions in lab identification and specimen tracking. We’re hard at work in labs every day, saving samples from faulty and illegible labels and helping improve operations.

Our reliable labels:

  • Withstand harsh lab conditions, including extreme temperatures and chemicals
  • Have legible print that stays clear and always readable
  • Offer easy and error-free identification and tracking of vials, tubes, slides, bottles and more

Improved Efficiency Through Lab Labeling

Learn more about the impact of effective labeling in the lab — how sample loss impacts productivity and cost, common sample challenges and labeling best practices.

  • In a clinical setting, the average cost of a lost sample was $712
  • Effective labeling can reduce sample prep time by 80%
  • 60% of scientists experience label failure

Proven Label Solutions For Labs Like Yours


Cryopreservation Solutions

"I need cryo labels that I can trust to stay put. Losing time and money due to illegible or lost identification is not an option for my lab."


Track and Trace

"Tracking and inventory management in our lab need improvement. I'm looking for reliable barcode options."


Histopathology Solutions

"My analysis is critical to patient diagnoses. I need to eliminate label failure during manual processes and hand-offs in the lab."

Sample Prep and Testing

Sample Prep and Testing Solutions

"My handwritten labels get smudged and peel off during processing. We're repeating too much work because of label failure. I need an affordable way to maintain our data integrity."

Color Labeling Solutions

"Differentiating so many similar samples in my lab is difficult. I currently use pre-colored labels or markers, but they don't hold up in harsh environments."

Product Recommendations

Here are our top product recommendations to get you started.


Learn about technical and product-related information to standardize labels at the National Cancer Institute (NCI)

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Need to test the labels for yourself? Request a sample pack of our lab labels

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Want to learn more? Browse the Brady Laboratory Identification & Tracking Solutions catalog

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