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BMP21-PLUS Labels Guide

Need help finding the right BMP21-Plus printer labels? Look no further! See our label recommendations by application below. 

Wire and Cable

Wire and cable wraps / patch panels – nylon cloth (B-499)

Nylon cloth labels are made of a highly pliable nylon material designed to conform tightly to curved surfaces making them ideal for flagging or wrapping around wires and cables.

Nylon Cloth Labels
Part number Size
M21-750-499 0.750”W x 16'
M21-500-499 0.500”W x 16'
M21-375-499 0.375”W x 16'

Self-Laminating vinyl labels (B-427)

Self-laminating vinyl labels are ideal for labeling data cables and wires that are frequently handled and moved. They can be applied pre-termination or post-termination and have a clear wrap-around tail designed to laminate the printed portion of the label, providing extra protection for the label text.

Self laminating labels
Part number AWG Label Size Print-On-Height*
M21-1500-427 10-4 1.500” X 14’ 0.500"
M21-1250-427 10-4 1.250” X 14’ 0.500"
M21-1000-427 12-10 1.000” X 14’ 0.375"
M21-750-427 16-10 0.750” X 14’ 0.375"

*Print-On Height is the amount of white printable area on the label. Label size is the printable area and the clear over-laminate tail combined.

PermaSleeve® heat shrink wire marking sleeves (B-342)

PermaSleeve® heat shrink sleeves are made of a fade-resistant, fire-retardant polyolefin designed to fit tightly around pre-terminated wires when heat is applied for superior performance and aesthetic appearance. They have a 3:1 heat shrink ratio and meet SAE, MIL-STD specs (learn more on the technical datasheet).

Permasleeve labels
Color AWG 22-16
0.125” Dia. X 7’ Long
AWG 20-10
0.187” Dia. X 7’ Long
AWG 16-8
0.250” Dia. X 7’ Long
AWG 12-4
0.375” Dia. X 7’ Long
Black on White M21-125-C-342 M21-187-C-342 M21-250-C-342 M21-375-C-342
Black on Yellow M21-125-C-342-YL M21-187-C-342-YL M21-250-C-342-YL M21-375-C-342-YL

BradyGrip print-on hook material (B-414)

BradyGrip Print-on Hook Material is designed to adhere to the loop side of hook-and-loop fasteners. Specific applications include wire and cable bundle management products, such as Velcro® Brand One-Wrap® Rolls. Maximizes your uptime with faster, printable ID on cable bundles and repositionable for easy updating.

BradyGrip labels
Part number Size
M21-250-414 0.25 in H x 10 ft L
M21-500-414 0.50 in H x 10 ft L
M21-750-414 0.75 in H x 10 ft L


Terminal Blocks

Terminal block nylon adhesive strips (B-499)

Terminal block adhesive strips are made of the same nylon cloth material designed for wire and cable wraps. These labels are narrow enough to align on terminal blocks and print with user-specified spacing when the BMP21-PLUS printer is in terminal block mode.

Terminal Blocks
Part number Size
M21-500-499-TB 0.500”W x 16'
M21-375-499-TB 0.375”W x 16'


Faceplates, Electrical Panels and Equipment ID

High performance polyester labels (B-423 & B-430)

Polyester label cartridges are an extremely durable labeling option for equipment ID, faceplates, electrical panels and general purpose identification. Our polyester materials are more rigid than vinyl, providing high industrial performance, but are only recommended for applications with flat and smooth surfaces.

Polyester labels
Color 0.250” X 21’ 0.375” X 21’ 0.500” X 21’ 0.750” X 21’
Black on White M21-250-423 M21-375-423 M21-500-423 M21-750-423
Black on Clear M21-250-430 M21-375-430 M21-500-430 M21-750-430
White on Clear M21-250-430-WT-CL M21-375-430-WT-CL M21-500-430-WT-CL M21-750-430-WT-CL


Storage ID, Tools, Lean/5S and General Purpose

Indoor and outdoor grade vinyl labels (B-595)

Indoor/outdoor vinyl labels are the most versatile BMP21-Plus labels and ideal for general purpose labeling. They are very durable and can stand up to grease, dirt, oil and most industrial chemicals making them ideal for storage shelves, bins, tools and lean 5S applications. They will last about 8-10 years outside and come in a variety of colors.


Matte white polyester component labels (B-488)

Matte white polyester component labels are ideal for general and barcode labeling. This material is a UL Recognized Component to UL969 Labeling and Marking Standard, as well as CSA Accepted, when printed with the Brady Series R4300 and the Brady Series R6200 ribbons. B-488 is designed to withstand numerous solvents and variable temperatures when applied to various surfaces including stainless steel and polypropylene.

Polyester labels
Part number Size
M21-375-488 0.375 in H x 21 ft L
M21-500-488 0.5 in H x 21 ft L
M21-750-488 0.75 in H x 21 ft L



Water dissolvable paper labels (B-403)

Water dissolvable paper labels completely dissolve in warm water within 30 seconds, leaving no adhesive residue behind.  Ideal for use in labs or asset tracking.  Environmentally responsible and easy removal saves time during re-labeling process.

Vinyl labels
Part number Size
M21-750-403 0.75 in H x 21 ft L


Self-laminating polyester cryogenic laboratory labels (B-461)

Self-laminating polyester labels feature clear film with white matte printable zone, ideal for laboratory identification such as vials, centrifuge tubes, test tubes, straws, and slides. This material has good print smudge resistance, solvent resistance, high and low temperature performance and performs well in common laboratory environments such as liquid nitrogen and autoclave applications.

Polyester labels
Part number Size
M21-375-461 0.375 in H x 21 ft L
M21-500-461 0.5 in H x 21 ft L
M21-750-461 0.75 in H x 21 ft L

Polypropylene laboratory labels (B-7425)

Polypropylene laboratory labels are ideal for general purpose barcode applications for laboratory identification such as vials, centrifuge tubes and test tubes. The matte white labels with acrylic adhesive withstand liquid nitrogen, autoclave and other harsh environments.

Polyester labels
Part number Size
M21-375-7425 0.375 in H x 21 ft L
M21-500-7425 0.5 in H x 21 ft L
M21-750-7425 0.75 in H x 21 ft L


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