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Brady LINK360®
Safety Software

Perfect the processes at the heart of your safety program

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Protect Lives While Saving Time and Money

A critical cornerstone for achieving a best-in-class safety culture, Brady LINK360 is a unique combination of cloud software, mobile apps, and identification products that help you exceed safety and compliance regulations. Whether you manage a small facility or a multi-national organization, you can set a new pace for productivity, standardization and your sustainability of critical safety programs with Brady LINK360.

Used in sites across 25 countries, and in 18 languages, Brady LINK360 provides easy document management and workflow automation that meets OSHA compliance requirements for Lockout Tagout and Confined Space programs.

       Pepsi North America Beverages (PBNA) has refreshed Authorized Lockout Tagout (LOTO) Training and in partnership with Brady, we have incorporated their world-class tools and technology into our world-class Authorized LOTO training. The Brady LINK360® Safety Software technology as well as the LOTO device videos were a great addition to the training that provides visual clarity and encourages engagement amongst our front line employees in classroom training sessions.

-Kevin Duffer, PBNA/PFNA – Sr. Manager of Supply Chain Early Management, PepsiCo

Shaw Floors
White Energy

While saving lives is priceless, Brady LINK360 helped our customers avoid $100 million in potential fines for non-compliance by creating over 500,000 life-critical procedures.

Across the current Brady LINK360 user base of 20,000 safety professionals, we helped save 300,000 labor hours through process efficiencies which translates to over $15 million saved.

Calculate your return on investment with Brady LINK360

Between labor costs and time to write, review and audit procedures, the savings really add up!

Brady is your end to end safety solution provider

We help our customers create safe, compliant and productive working environments.

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