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Intelligent manufacturing Interconnectivity

Enables Data Analytics

Interconnectivity and data analytics

Interconnectivity and data analytics aren’t just nice to have — they have the power to revolutionize your operations.

When you have the right data at your fingertips, you’re able to connect business and process systems, aggregate information across multiple systems, and enable historical trends and advanced data analytics.

And when it comes to the future, you know “good enough” simply won’t be good enough. Many factories are still using pen and paper for data collection needs. By equipping a factory with cutting edge hardware, connected software, and analytics, companies can gain better levels of insights than ever before.

Interconnectivity and data analytics are at the heart of Intelligent Manufacturing. And they’re vital in helping you drive improvements and automation. They ensure real-time visibility of inventory, WIP, and production throughput. While powering tools that provide real-time visibility of factory floor to help you have better insights into your operations.

What interconnectivity and data analytics means for you

Leverage valuable insights to see what’s coming and take pre-emptive action with Work in Progress Tracking. And update your manual manufacturing systems to modernize your operation and get the up-to-the-moment data you need to rise to the occasion and design the future.



Gain new levels of insights and drive real productivity by equipping your factory with hardware and software that seamlessly integrates into your business systems. Move beyond the pen, paper, and spreadsheets, and unlock the potential of real-time data exchange.



We’ve designed our hardware and software tools specifically for industrial data exchange. By enabling standard industrial control protocols, IoT protocols and standardized API sets, we’re re-inventing the way transaction management is implemented to make it as easy as possible. Whether you’re leveraging our solutions to update your ERP system, or you’re using a cloud-hosted asset management platform – We provide the ability to scale and seamlessly exchange data regardless of your current systems.

The power of integration with Brady

Our vision is to continue to foster the merger of operational technology and informational technology — software talking to hardware — enabling seamless data exchange between more systems and software in a way that provides tangible value to every implementation.

Brady vs Your Equipment/Tools

Seamless integration from a single provider

Bring it all together with Brady's Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions

Brady's Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions

Enabling data analytics

Connecting data systems is the first step – but the real aha moment is when businesses put that data to work by analyzing it and seeing where real efficiencies and opportunities for improvement are. Having this type of visibility allows you to react faster, reduce downtime, streamline inventory, and manage production orders and assets in real-time. Turn your weekly Excel chart into a dynamic dashboard. Visualize data from SAP, Oracle or other ERP systems dynamically. Integrate into modern Business Intelligence platforms that help you make the shift from reactive to proactive. All of this is possible when you put your data to work for you.

Production Flexibility

Gain immediate insights into your production systems and shift productivity into overdrive.

  • Adjust easily to changing manufacturing demands
  • View up-to-the-minute production schedules and order throughput
  • Discover bottlenecks and issues to ensure on-time deliveries

Complete Smart Solutions

Implement world-class identification technologies with the world’s most trusted manufacturing leader.

  • Industrial Edge Computing, Barcode & Optical Scanning, Printing, and RFID hardware and software
  • High-performance labeling and custom material solutions you’ve come to trust from Brady
  • An integrated ecosystem of hardware: Easy to connect and implement.
Intelligent Manufacturing Sphere

Real-time is the real deal

Intelligent Manufacturing solutions give you the visibility and flexibility you need, so you can avoid the problems you don’t.

How today’s modern manufacturers are leveraging technology

Centralize Data Exchange & Integration

Centralize Data Exchange & Integration

  • Integrate all transactional and automated data-input/output systems (e.g. Optical scanning, Printers, Barcode, Optical Character Recognition, RFID).
  • Leverage centralized API with pre-defined integrations to modern day ERP/MRP systems.
Production floor

Activity Synchronization and Flow

  • Maximize the effectiveness of engineering changes to the production floor by using technology during the production process for dynamic routing. Understand and accommodate varying environmental factors and how they might impact machines or production processes through virtual build simulation.
Vehicle Conveyor Belt

Enhancing Labor Productivity and Effectiveness

  • Enhance capabilities with regard to fabrication and assembly, labor efficiency tracking; monitoring worker movements and productivity; and real-time safety monitoring of both workers and equipment.


  • Don’t let things like temperature, humidity, lighting conditions and other operation conditions catch you by surprise. Monitor and resolve key issues before they happen.
Production Asset Intelligence

Production Asset Intelligence

Product Quality

Product Quality

  • Discrete manufacturing via quality control-based work-in-progress inspections
  • Quality monitoring of produced goods, machines, and calibration of equipment through the manufacturing process

Read More about Intelligent Manufacturing Transformation

Person scanning a manufacturing document with an RFID scanner

RFID vs. Barcode for Asset Tracking: How to Make the Right Choice for Your Business

Just about everything has some sort of label affixed to it that contains important information that buyers, sellers or manufacturers need to be aware of. Most of us are familiar with barcodes and QR codes, but the technology that goes into them may come as a surprise.
Two manufacturing employees discussing a problem

IT/OT Convergence 101

Bridging the gap between physical and digital capabilities in manufacturing environments creates a significant competitive advantage. This convergence will displace companies that don’t embrace it, but many are behind. While there are challenges that must be overcome to bring the two together, the risk of not doing so is quite real—especially when competitors are making the leap.
RFID asset tracking chip

RFID asset tracking: what it is and how it works

Better decision-making starts with quality, data-driven insights. And a great way to see the big picture is with radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology. With it, businesses can monitor an asset’s location and gain control over important revenue-generating processes. Efficient and cost-effective, RFID technology has become the go-to tracking system for industries worldwide.

Build your smart factory today with Brady

Let’s have a conversation to discuss what a flexible manufacturing environment can do for you.


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