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Choose the Right Lock to Keep Employees Safe

Learn more about all of the options Brady provides for safety padlocks to choose the best option for your application

Find the best padlock for your needs

With so many options available, choosing the right padlock for your job can be confusing. Let us help you get the padlock that fits your needs.

Padlock Selector Tool

Answer a few basic questions, and this tool will recommend the best padlock based on your individual needs.
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Silhouttes of different padlocks.

Body Material Options


Ideal for electrical applications
and enclosures

Easy to Carry
Lightweight with ribbed design
for easy gripping

Key Retaining Security
Key releases only on lock closure

Most Common
Preferred for most indoor lockout

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Anodized, corrosion-resistant
finish provides extended life

Increased Security
Durable construction for better
tamper resistance

Corrosion Resistant
Resilient against harsh environments,
such as food, oil and chemical

Versatile Usage
Great for indoor and outdoor use

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Heavy Duty
Laminated steel body withstands
severe physical abuse

Maximum Corrosion Protection
Individual coated steel plates protects
against extreme corrosion

Key Retaining Security
Key releases only on lock closure

Highest Durability
High performance in extreme outdoor
and harsh environments

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Body Size Options


Material Availability:
Nylon | Aluminum

Ideal Usage:
Everyday applications, small spaces and circuit breakers


Material Availability:
Nylon | Aluminum | Steel

Ideal Usage:
Fits wide variety of devices — electrical, valve and cable

Long Body

Material Availability:
Nylon only

Ideal Usage:
Displaying additional information and languages on body label

Shackle Material Options

Steel Shackle

Vertical Clearance Options:
3/4", 1", 1-1/2", 2" and 3"

Body Material Availability:
Nylon | Aluminum | Steel

Ideal Usage:
Most common with extra durability for tough environments

Nylon Shackle

Vertical Clearance Options:
1" and 1-1/2"

Body Material Availability:
Nylon only

Ideal Usage:
Non-conductive for working on electrical circuits/panels

Aluminum Shackle

Aluminum Shackle Lock

Vertical Clearance Options:
1", 1-1/2" and 3”

Body Material Availability:
Nylon | Aluminum

Ideal Usage:
Lightweight, yet secure and durable, corrosion resistant for outdoor use

Cable Shackle

Vertical Clearance Options:
4-1/5" and 8"

Body Material Availability:
Nylon only

Ideal Usage:
Versatile, multi-purpose solution, angle and twist to fit tight spaces

Shackle Size Options

Shackle Size 3/4-inch 1-inch 1-1/2 inch 2-inch 3-inch 4 1/5-inch 8-inch
Shackle Material Steel only Nylon | Steel Nylon | Steel Steel only Steel only Cable only Cable only
Body Size Standard only Compact only Standard | Long | Compact Standard only Standard only Compact only Compact only
Body Material Steel only Nylon | Aluminum Nylon | Aluminum Steel only Nylon | Aluminum | Steel Nylon only Nylon only

Body Color Options

Body Material Available Colors
Nylon, aluminum and steel padlocks 

Padlock Types

SafeKey Lockout Padlocks

Fast Identification
Color-matched keys and lock bodies to quickly connect user to padlock

More Unique Key Possibilities
Prevent duplicate keys in facilities with Grand Master and Master Keyed systems

Easy Operation
Extra smooth key insertion and removal – even when wearing gloves!

Linear, low-friction lock mechanism helps maintain key integrity

Learn More About SafeKey

Traditional Padlocks

Classic Padlock Design
Traditional jagged key design and pin tumbler lock mechanism

Fewer Key Combinations
Risk of key breakage in large padlock systems due to deeper cut in jagged key design

Multi-purpose Solution
Flexible cable locks available for tight spaces and simultaneous lockout points

More Material Options
Laminated steel available for the most rugged environments

Keying Options

Keyed Different

Keyed Different 

Each lock is opened by its own unique key
Perfect for simple lockout applications and a manageable number of energy isolation points.

Keyed Alike

Keyed Alike 

Each lock in the group can be opened with the same key
Reduces number of keys needed to carry. Ideal for individuals or trades responsible for multiple machines or isolation points.

Master Keyed

Master Keyed 

Each group of locks (KA / KD) can be opened with a master key
Useful for larger complex systems when supervisory access may be required. Contact customer service for ordering.

Grand Master
Keyed (GMK)

Grand Master Keyed 

A single key can open all groups of locks in the system
Useful when supervisory or managerial access to all locks is needed. Contact customer service for ordering.

Custom Engraving Solutions

Custom Engraved Locks

Padlocks and keys can be laser-engraved on one to five surfaces to identify individuals, departments, work areas, serial numbers and company logos.

Configure Brady SafeKey Padlocks To Your Exact Specifications

If stock padlocks don't quite meet your specific needs, check out our online custom padlock tool - simply select key style, quantity, material, size and even include engraving options, then add to cart!



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