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Floor Tape

Lockout Tagout



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Brady LINK360® Safety Software
Document management and workflow automation for your safety program

Visual Safety Procedures, Easily Done

Equipment maintenance and repair are a necessary part of your business, but it creates an additional challenge: any changes must be updated on any corresponding procedures or visuals. When these procedures aren’t properly maintained, it can lead to worker injuries, equipment not running optimally and costly downtime.

Ensure your procedures are always up to date with LINK360 software. The cloud-based software gives you a complete view of the creation, use and updates to procedures found on and around equipment and machines - whether you’re managing a single location or many.

Lockout Tagout Simplified

User-friendly and easy to use, that's how people describe their experience with LINK360.

Hear how our software has helped three current Link360 users improve their processes and usability across their teams. From converting current procedures to a new platform to auditing and reading print outs on the facility floor, LINK360 improves your safety program every step of the way.

“It’s amazing…all in one location, so it's very easy to find the information.” — Kourtney Marcotte, EHS Coordinator

Lockout Tagout

Lockout Tagout programs play a vital role in keeping employees safe on the job. However, program complexity can make them a challenge to maintain. LINK360 software can help you manage these complexities with ease.

Create Effective Visual Lockout Procedures

Create visual lockout procedures with a system purposely built to help you ensure your procedures clearly communicate the hazards and steps necessary to control hazardous energy. LINK360 also helps you ensure your program stays current and compliant as changes are made across your facilities.

OSHA 1910.147 Compliance Features Built Into LINK360


Energy Control Procedures


Specify Devices and Materials


Track Audits


Application of Control


Minor Servicing Exception

The minor servicing exception to OSHA’s Control of Hazardous Energy standard applies only to minor servicing activities that must be performed during normal production operations (i.e. the use of a machine for its intended production function) and that are necessary to allow production to proceed without interruption. LINK360 software makes it easy to create your minor servicing procedures using a visual procedure template similar to the visual Lockout Tagout procedures.

Mark Energy Isolation Points

Quickly generate standardized energy isolation point labels that are consistent with your equipment-specific procedures and print using high-performance Brady printers.

Conduct Periodic Inspections

LINK360 mobile apps provide easy access to procedures and enable safety professionals to quickly capture and record periodic inspection results to maintain compliance.

Permit-Required Confined Spaces

A confined space has limited openings for entry or exit, is large enough for entering and working, and is not designed for continuous worker occupancy. Confined spaces include underground vaults, tanks, storage bins, manholes, pits, silos, underground utility vaults and pipelines. LINK360 helps ensure your organization can easily comply with OSHA standards:

OSHA 1910.146 Compliance Features Built into LINK360


Classification and reclassification




Develop, implement means, procedures and practices


Permit System


Maintenance Procedures

Standard operating and maintenance procedures are critical to efficient operations. Maintenance procedures can be developed in a visual procedure template similar to the visual Lockout Tagout procedures in LINK360.

Includes Templates to Create Visual Standard Operating Procedures

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