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British Standard BS 5609 Overview

Brady BS5609 Marine Labels

The British Standard BS 5609 sets durability criteria for printed pressure-sensitive, adhesive-coated labels used when shipping chemical drums by sea.

The internationally-recognized standard for marine transport labeling ensures chemical drum identification and warnings use extremely durable labels that will remain intact and legible, even after months floating at sea.

BS 5609 Testing Requirements

BS 5609 outlines testing methods and requirements that self-adhesive drum labels must meet to achieve certification with merchant shipping regulations, International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) and Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS).

While BS 5609 comprises four parts, Sections 2 and 3 detail the required testing to ensure the label will remain adhered and legible when submerged in seawater for three months.

  • Section 2 tests the base label material against marine exposure through salt spray, sunlight, temperature cycling and more.
  • Section 3 tests for print permanence, abrasion resistance and legibility after exposure to salt spray and sunlight.

Stay stuck and stay seen, even at sea

Our BS5609 Labels are paired with our series of BradyJet Inkjet Color Label Printers, allowing you to create clear, full-color labels that withstand marine environments and meet BS5609 certification requirements.

Unlike costly laser printers, our unique BradyJet printing process doesn’t use heat that can break down adhesives and clog up your printer. This process also means you can print high-resolution images that can include:

  • Color, graphics and images
  • Color coding and inventory identification
  • Logo or tagline customization

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