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ToughStripe® Floor Marking Tape Family

Brady's good, better, best options for your floor tape needs

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Why use the ToughStripe® family of floor tape?

Make your facility cleaner, more efficient, more visual and safer with ToughStripe® floor marking tape. This tape will help you identify aisle ways, work-cell boundaries, hazardous areas, forklift traffic, storage areas and more!

ToughStripe® floor tape is easy to apply and remove, yet, it lasts where other factory and warehouse floor marking tapes simply don't. High traffic areas are no match for the industrial strength of ToughStripe® floor tape.

Economy Floor Tape around cart location 

Economy Tape

With lower adhesion and durability this economical tape is recommended for short term applications and is available in various colors.

Guidestripe tape on floor 

Good Tape

This durable, flexible floor tape is designed for semi-temporary indoor applications with regular foot traffic so you don’t have to reapply often.

Toughstripe floor marking tape on aisle 

Better Tape

This highly-customizable tape is designed for longer application periods and is Ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic and various surface types.

extremely durable floor tape run over by warehouse forklift 

Best Tape

With superior adhesion and durability, this floor tape is designed for the most difficult applications with heavy foot and light industrial vehicle traffic.


Why waste time and money?

See how Brady's ToughStripe® Tape holds up compared to other tape solutions.

Across multiple surfaces, including vinyl, tile, laminate, hardwood and carpet, on average ToughStripe® has 6 times more adhesion than masking tape and is 20x more durable.

Choose what lasts through frequent cleaning, heavy foot traffic and more.

ToughStripe® vs masking tape video

ToughStripe® Floor Tape Applicator

Your all-in-one floor tape applicator for easy application
and accurate floor tape lines

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Check out all of the other types of floor marking options Brady has to offer

Spend Less Time and Money Replacing Damaged or Worn Tape Lines

ToughStripe floor tape is made of a tough, industrial-strength and nonabrasive polyester material, featuring a low-profile design to minimize tears and scratches from skids and pallet jacks

ToughStripe Max floor tape is made of extruded polyvinyl chloride with an extra-strength acrylic adhesive with tapered edges for heavy industrial traffic and extra resistance to cuts and abrasions.

All Brady Floor Marking Tape Solutions feature a one year limited manufacturer warranty. See Details

Precise Floor Marking Stencils

Paint stencil for longer, more permanent marking

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Floor Marking Examples in a Facility

How to Prep, Apply and Remove Brady Floor Marking Products


  1. Sweep up any loose debris on the application surface area
  2. Clean and wash your floor to remove all dust and debris from the surface
  3. Allow floors to dry completely prior to application to ensure maximum adhesion

We recommend Surface Prep products to clean the application site before applying floor marking tape

Floor Tape Application

  1. Remove the label holding the tape to the side of the application box
  2. Fold back about 2 inches of the liner from the tape
  3. Stick the tape at the start point (be careful to align it in the direction desired)
  4. Pull the box until the tape is stretched along the desired path (keep the liner in place)
  5. At the end point, set the box down, slot-side face down
  6. Pull the liner back to the box and use a squeegee to seal the tape to the surface with downward pressure

Floor Tape Removal

  1. Using a hand-held scraper, lift the end of the tape
  2. Use a small amount of force to peel the tape slowly
  3. Peel off towards the other end at nearly a 90 degree angle
Remove Tape

This short video will show you each of the application and removal steps:

ToughStripe® floor tape is made of a tough, industrial-strength and nonabrasive polyester material making it durable enough to withstand high traffic areas and even forklift traffic. It also has a low-profile design that minimizes tears and scratches from skids and pallet jacks.

Don't Believe Us? Check It Out For Yourself!

Not sure which floor marking solution is right for you?

You can request a free sample pack of Brady Floor Marking materials, including anti-slip tape, ToughStripe® Tape and ToughStripe® Max Tape to test in your facility.

Request Sample Pack

Want to learn more about floor marking applications?

See our OSHA standards and floor marking color guide

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Floor Marking Questions and Answers

We compiled a number of questions around floor and area marking best practices following our "Put It All on the Floor – Lead with Floor Marking for a Lean/5S Workplace" webinar.

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