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TLS2200® Portable Label Printer Support

This printer and label cartridges have been retired,
label cartridges will soon be unavailable - upgrade today!

Upgrade Your Printer!

Upgrade to better labeling with a new BMP®61 Label Printer

Your TLS2200 is a legacy printer, and its parts will soon be obsolete and no longer available for purchase. Now is the perfect time to upgrade, and use your new printer to power through more work in less time with an easy-to-use, quick-loading printer for all your on-the-go labeling needs!

The new model uses the same reliable label materials you’re used to but features updated print technology, including a large color touchscreen, better print quality, improved durability and USB connectivity.

Plus, BMP61 ribbon materials cost up to 20% less than TLS ribbons! See the Ribbon Conversion chart below for reference.

For a limited time, trade in your old TLS 2200 or PC Link printer and get a new BMP®61 Label printer at a 50% savings - see below for more details!

Upgrade Now
TLS to BMP61 Ribbon Conversion
TLS Ribbon BMP61 Ribbon
R4310 M61-R4310
R6210 M61-R6210
R6410 M61-R6410
R64410-WT M61-R4410-WT
R4410-BL M61-R4410-BL
R4410-RD M61-R4410-RD
R6010 M61-R6010
R6710-WT M61-R6710-WT

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