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Limited Time Offer!

Trade up from your TLS2200 or PC Link Printer
to the BMP61 Portable Label Printer

It’s time to trade in.

Your TLS2200 and TLS PC Link printers and related materials have been retired - labels manufactured after July 1st, 2022 will no longer work with these printers. Now is the perfect time to trade up - get advanced performance at 50% off! When you trade up, you’ll label faster and more efficiently, which is a great way to better your business. But don’t delay - this offer ends soon!

How it works

Send us your TLS or PC Link Printer and get a BMP®61 (Wi-Fi or base model) Portable Label Printer for 50% off when you purchase one of the following:

  • Your choice of 12 BMP61 rolls of label materials*
  • Your choice of 12 BMP61 ribbons*
  • Your choice of any combination (mix and match) of 12 BMP61 ribbons and rolls of label materials.*
  • Your choice of 3 BMP61 bulk boxes of labels*

Simply fill out the form below, including proof of purchase of the above printer materials along with your contact information, and a Brady representative will send you a brand new printer at a 50% savings!

Terms and Conditions

Offer valid in U.S. and Canada. All discounted printers must ship to end user customer. Trade-in printers must be of a qualifying make and model and in working condition. Limit of one discounted printer per qualified trade-in printer. No limit to the quantity of qualified printers traded in per end user. For each trade-in printer, one of the following must be purchased: twelve (12) BMP61 label material rolls, twelve (12) BMP61 ribbons, a combination of twelve (12) BMP61 ribbons and rolls of label materials, or three (3) bulk boxes of labels. Qualified trade-in printers must be sent to Brady along with the unique TRADE-IN CODE NUMBER generated during the online form submission. Discounted printers will be shipped within five business days of online form submission. Trade-in printers must be received at Brady within 20 days of online form submission and Brady reserves the right to invoice user for full cost of the Brady printers sent in the event the trade-in printers are not received at Brady or are found to not be in working condition. Brady reserves the right to change or cancel this offer at any time and to refuse any request.


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