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For A Smarter, Connected World

Reliable safety and facility management
for improved efficiency, accuracy and compliance


Brady offers a unique combination of software, services, and integrated solutions designed to help you successfully build, manage and maintain world-class safety and asset management programs.

Brady LINK360 Software

Streamline your safety program with real-time data

Manage the full life cycle of visual procedures for lockout tagout, confined space entry, and maintenance. Cloud-based software centralizes your data, allowing multiple users and multiple sites access any time. Mobile apps allow you to access, modify, and verify procedures on the go using a range of mobile devices. Dashboards and reports summarize your program at a glance and keep you informed of audits coming due.

Standardize. Sustain. Scale.

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BradyConnect Solutions

Hassle-free asset and inspection management

Save time, improve quality, and ensure compliance tasks are getting done on time and accurately. BradyConnect combines software, mobile devices, and Brady's full line of identification solutions in a fully integrated asset tracking and inspection management solution.

Inspect. Correct. Report.

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Brady CenSys

Simplified asset and inventory tracking

The first IoT Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Device. Designed to simplify asset and inventory tracking, and bring UHF RFID technology to new applications and markets.

Track. Locate. Maintain.

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Brady SmartID Aerospace

Cutting-edge RFID technology for effective component tracking

Brady SmartID brings cutting edge capabilities in material science, electrical engineering, and RFID technology to our customers in the form of custom business solutions and products. We foster a customer-centric consulting experience with a focus on specification adherence, return on investment, and business outcomes.

Industry transforming. Cutting-edge. Mobility.

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