Did you know?

  • Bullet Nearly 60% of scientists and clinicians lose samples to faulty labels1
  • Bullet Label failures impact productivity and cost by leading to mix-ups, result errors and unnecessary rework

Don’t get stuck! Get lab labels that stick and stay legible.

Brady’s FreezerBondz cryogenic labels are engineered to stick every time, even when faced with liquid nitrogen, deep freezes and other extreme lab conditions.

  • Bullet Made for long-term, cryogenic storage
  • Bullet Firmly sticks to vials, racks and bottles
  • Bullet Resists solvents, caustic agents, dry ice and LN2
  • Bullet Ultra-thin material won’t jam in centrifuges or racks

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Spend more time on research, and less time dealing with labels that fall off

Learn how to apply a FreezerBondz label

Now that you learned how to apply a Brady FreezerBondzlabel.

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Source: 1. Sample Certainty: Current Trends in Science & Medicine That Promise to Change the Way Your Lab Runs