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GHS Label Software: Brady Workstation

Brady Workstation Label Software

GHS label printer and software

In addition to our range of GHS label printing options, we offer robust GHS label applications within Brady Workstation software, which allows you to store Safety Data Sheet (SDS) information and leverage that information across your Brady printing systems.

Brady Workstation software is an application that helps you create signs, pipe markers, lockout tags and labels with a Brady Printer.

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The Workstation GHS Labels Application

The GHS Labels Application for Brady Workstation is an add-on to the Brady Workstation software. You can try it for free and then purchase it online when you’re ready. 

Creating GHS labels is amazingly simple with Brady Workstation software. We've streamlined the process of making a GHS label by allowing you to enter the data from your SDS once and use that information to create various sizes of label that you can print at any time. Support for bilingual labels is also included.

Brady GHS Workstation Label Software Features:

  • Excel imports - allowing you to quickly add all your chemical data at one time.
  • Chemical information storage
  • See, at a glance, if all required data is included in all required languages.
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