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Welcome back

Solutions to return to school safely

Staying safe for all ages

As your school district continues to plan for the new school year, you’re thinking about things you haven’t had to before, like social distancing and increased hygiene. We can help as you prepare to bring your students and staff back safely.

In this new environment, you need confidence that those you’re working with understand your challenges. Brady Corporation has been a key consultant to many well-known companies to help them manage their social distancing and safety communications.

Because we know that you have to “speak” to students in the way that matters to them most, we’ve created school-specific products to help:

  • Bright and bold signs and floor tape for social distancing, even in kid-friendly prints
  • Colorful, clear signs for bathrooms that remind about good hygiene
  • Floor tape, stanchions and other tools for traffic management

We are here to help you determine exactly what solutions will work best for your school district, with product solutions for each key area to consider within your schools. We’ll point you to an easy way to view and purchase those products, or even customize your own for your schools.


Key Product Solutions for Schools:


Not sure where to start?

As you consider social distancing, sanitizing, new traffic patterns and procedures, you may need a few new tools. Our strong and durable products help you tackle challenges from COVID-19 while keeping your facilities looking professional and without the wasted effort of constantly replacing due to heavy traffic. We’ve created specific product kits to help get you started, along with safety items like masks and sanitizer so you can get it all in one place!

Pick-up and drop-off

Coordinate and direct with visible indicators

Organize your outdoor areas with easy-to-read signs, marking tape and control posts. Even at a distance, important messages should be visible and posted in logical spots for those waiting for curbside pick-ups or drop-offs.

Entrances and exits

Welcome students with highly visual signs that establish protocol

By conveying clear directions with well-placed signs, you reduce confusion and get people in the right places faster, and safer.


Focus efforts where students will spend the majority of their time

Go above and beyond to help students and staff feel safe and comfortable in their classroom throughout the day. Continued social distancing reminders, area marking and sanitization messages are key.

Elevators and hallways

Let floor signs and physical reminders help you out

As staff and students move through the halls of your schools, help curb crowding and continue to remind them of safe practices.

Guide your foot traffic

Clearly communicate the right path to prevent unintentional congestion or traffic jams

Prevent overcrowding with new traffic patterns. Be aware of entrances, exits, waiting areas and aisles throughout your school areas.


Proper distance and sanitation in this popular spot

Public restrooms can get pretty crowded, which is why social distancing and proper hygiene signs are so critical. Post in doorways, on fixtures, around sinks and where lines form to let everyone know the best and safest ways to use the facilities.

Customize it

Need a customized sign, floor tape or floor sign? Give us the specifics and we’ll make it.

Get started with these links:

Do-it-yourself signs

Brady printers offer flexibility – easily print quick signs unique to your floor plan and message needs. For a limited time, save up to $1500 in printer materials, plus FREE software! Or choose to create the high-quality signage you need with your office inkjet printer with Repositionable Sign sheets. Below are some easily removable materials that won’t leave residue down the road.

Not sure what you need? You have our support.

Our representatives can help identify the best solutions for your business needs.

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