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Reopening your doors

Considerations and product solutions for retail locations

Supporting your customers needs

As the economy and stores slowly start to re-open, revenues and optimism continue to grow across all verticals in the retail industry. Obviously much adjustment has been made to accommodate selection and ordering online, however many retailers believe that growth in ecommerce will continue even as stores start to re-open.

As merchants are prepping protocols to reopen their doors to accommodate those customers who want to return to in-store shopping, the recovery timeline is long with many risks and considerations involved.

Key tactics to reopen retail stores:

Provide PPE for employees

Regular sanitization of spaces

Add hand sanitizer stations

Limit the number of people in stores

Scheduling customer appointments

Add social distancing markers

Touchless payment options

Despite reopening physical store locations, be aware that many customers who moved from in-store to online will remain online for a variety of reasons - continue efforts to accommodate their ecommerce adoption with tactics such as:

  1. Expanded curbside pickup
  2. Improved product dimensions, fit and options
  1. Eased return restrictions and processes
  2. Online tools such as chat and real-time inventory

Key Product Solutions for Retail Stores:

Entrances and Exits

Communicate where to go, and what to do next

By conveying clear directions with well-placed signs, you reduce the need for extra staff and get people in the right places faster, and safer.


Let floor signs and physical reminders help you out

To help curb crowding and to preserve social distancing, create one-way traffic flows in aisles and partition off spaces for more controlled spacing where lines form.


Make financial transactions safer with distance controls

Directional signs, markers and decals are placed on floors and can quickly manage distancing in high-volume areas like checkout lanes, ATM machines and anywhere shopping carts are used.

Pick-up and Drop-off

Coordinate and direct with visible indicators

Organize your outdoor areas with easy-to-read signs, marking tape and control posts. Even at a distance, important messages should be visible and posted in logical spots for those waiting for curbside pick-ups or drop-offs.


Proper distance and sanitation in this popular spot

Public restrooms can get pretty crowded, which is why social distancing and proper hygiene signs are so critical. Post in doorways, on fixtures, around sinks and where lines form to let everyone know the best and safest ways to use the facilities.

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