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COVID-19 Lab and
Rapid Response Solutions

Get fast, reliable access to the critical
products you need most

Use this guide for your critical supply needs

Move past readability and traceability issues with this list of recommended, top-performing solutions that can really make a difference in your lab, hospital, rapid response unit or medical equipment manufacturing. Brady is proud to supply you with what you need to help fight this pandemic.

Are you creating COVID-19 test kits?

RECOMMENDED: Durable Polypropylene labels provide an economical solution to withstand a wide array of lab environments

Note: Ribbon specific to each label can be found on each product page under "Related Items"

Compatible with any 3" Core THT Label Printer (BradyPrinter i5100, i7100)

Compatible with any 1" Core THT Label Printer (BBP12)

Compatible only with BradyPrinter i3300 Label Printer

Compatible only with BradyPrinter M611 and BMP61 Portable Label Printers

Compatible only with BradyJet J2000 Inkjet Label Printer

Specimen packing and shipping requirements

CDC requires COVID-19 test kits be packaged according to UN 3373 Category B, which includes an absorbent material inside each secondary packaging.

Are you running a rapid response test site?

RECOMMENDED: High-performance safety products for pop-up testing stations, field hospitals and makeshift hospital triage centers

Are you testing COVID-19 samples?

RECOMMENDED: Specialized labels for PCR Tubes and Microplates

Note: Ribbon specific to each label can be found on each product page under "Related Items"

Are you manufacturing medical equipment?

RECOMMENDED: Specialized labels for identifying medical equipment and supplies – ventilators, stretchers, shipping boxes and other medical-related items

Material Selection Guide

Explore Brady's broad array of materials and select based on key attributes for your specific application

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Absorbents and Spill Kits

Signage and Area Marking

Software and Scanning Solutions

More COVID-19 Solutions

Covid 19 Lab products collage

Safety Solutions for COVID-19

Quick access to expanded safety sign, area marking and lab labeling solutions

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COVID Lab Catalog

COVID-19 Laboratory Solutions

Label printers, software and sample collection and processing labels

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COVID Safety Catalog

COVID-19 Safety Solutions Catalog

Virus-related signs and labels, area marking, absorbents and more

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Get better lab and safety solutions with Brady. You have our support.

Need other safety products? Let us know and one of our representatives will contact you.

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